Appliance FAQ's

Splint FAQs

1. Do you have soft liners for splints? Yes
2. Do you have articulators? Yes, all splints are articulated
3. Do I need to send a wax bite? Preferred-otherwise mounted to C.O.
4. Do you offer colors for Splints? Yes
5. Can I add clasps to a Splint? Yes
6. What kind of splints does Orthotek make?
-Hard   -Thermoflex  -Dual Laminate  -Overlay Splint  -Soft Splint
7. What is the turn-around time for a splint? 1 week in lab
8. Do you make vacuum formed splints? Yes

Metal FAQs

1. How much activation comes on a standard Rapid Palatal Expander? 11mm
2. How many different expansion screws do you offer? 9mm, 11mm, 13mm + fan type expander
3. What is the most common expansion screw used for palatal expansion? 11mm hyrex
4. What is the most common distalizing appliance? Pendulum
5. Do you fit bands and crowns? Yes
6. What are the most effective lower expansion appliances? Lowered Fixed RPX or lower removable schwartz

Functionals FAQs

1. Does Orthotek make Twin Blocks? Yes
2. What is the most common type of Bionator? Bio I to open the bite
3. Do you make Sagittal Appliances? Yes
4. What is your standard Schwarz Appliance Design? Transverse screw with Hawley bow, with Adams + ball clasps for retention.  Must be specifically designed via Rx sheet.

Orthotek Invisible Aligners
FAQs...Want to improve your smile without braces?

1. What do I need to send to the lab to submit a case? Rx and a working model
2. How often should patients change to the next Aligner? Case by case
3. How many Aligners are delivered at one time? One...this is the best approach
4. Is a new impression (or model) required for a second series of aligners? Yes
5. Let us design your next case

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