Download Rx Sheets

To Get Started Simply:
1.Download our Mailing Label and a Prescription Sheet.
2. Place models and Rx sheet in appropriate packaging with our mailing label securely attached to the outside of the package. Please see our "Sending Models" page for more information
3. Ship the package with your regular mail and in just one week you will have the appliance in your office. Please see FAQ page for more information.
 *Once received at our lab, we will also send additional mailing labels, Rx sheets, so your office will have everything you need to routinely send Orthotek all of your laboratory requests.

 *If you are not using our prepaid U.S. Postal Service mailing labels, please be sure to ship packages to the street address listed below. Packages shipped to us via UPS, Fed-Ex and DHL must use the street address or we will not receive them.

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