Fixed Appliances

Orthotek constructs a variety of fixed appliances.  Featured below are a variety of popular fixed appliances.  In order to provide the highest quality product, we use only the finest wire, solder, bands and screws available.  We recommend you send working models or impressions, with the bands in place, in order to ensure correct fit.  We can fabricate any variation of design you require.  Please provide us with complete instructions and drawings on our prescription sheets.

The pictures are for illustration purposes only. Actual design may vary.

  Lingual Arch-Upper Fixed

The purpose of the lingual arch is to hold back your upper or lower first permanent molars and prevent them from moving forward. May act as a lingual retainer or space maintaner.

   LingualArch (LLA)-Lower Fixed

Is a holding appliance that prevents the permanent molars from shifting forward allowing crowded teeth to spread out. It remains in place until permanent teeth begin erupting.


Quad Helix Expander

Used to expand the posterior segments, correct unilateral or bilateral crossbites and align crowded teeth.

   SpaceMaintainer-Band and Loop

Preserves space following the loss of a tooth

  Hyrex Expander-Upper (RPE)

Used to make dental arch larger and help straighten crowded teeth, and also create room for the rest of your permanent teeth to erupt without them also becoming overcrowded.

   Hyrex Expander-Bondable Upper (RPE)

A heavy expansion screw soldered to a wire-reinforced acrylic splint.  Bonded to posterior teeth for rapid palatal expansion

   Expander 3way--Upper

Used to expand the upper arch in 3 directions, the front forward and the back transversely. This appliance achieves arch expansion to eliminate crowding and an optimal relationship to the lower jaw. 

Designed to prevent mesial drift of molars

   Habit Appliance-Bluegrass

Is an alternative to the Rake or Crib design. Patients turn the beads which replaces the desire to suck the thumb. Appliance may be made with beads or a silicon roller.

  Trans Palatal Arch(TPA)-Upper Fixed

Maintaining space acquired after expansion and distillation.  Used to maintain the upper jaw's arch width and move molars into positions that wires alone can't.
   Lip Bumper Removable  
Used to gain space for crowded lower teeth by removing the resistance of the lip against the teeth allows the tongue to move the incisors forward. Also used to widen the lower dental arch to make room for the eruption of adult teeth.                  

   Habit-Fixed Upper

To prevent patient from pushing on anterior teeth with tongue

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