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Orthodontic appliances are corrective and supportive braces, designed and prescribed by orthodontic and dental professionals. In a controlled manner, orthodontic appliances gently force teeth to move through the supporting bone to a desired position. The purpose of the appliances is treat malocclusions to correct tooth crowding, overjet or protruding upper teeth, deep overbite, spacing problems, crossbite and underbite, or lower jaw protrusion.

At Orthotek Lab, we offer a variety of of functional, removable, and fixed appliances.  Each is specially crafted with strength and precision to meet you prescription specifications.
We pride ourselves on our personal touch.

The following appliances are some of the many we can fabricate for your patients.  If there is an appliance or service not shown on the following pages and you would like to know if our lab can provide it, please don't hesitate to contact one of our technicians at 425-453-1566.

Lab Services
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