Removable Appliances

Orthotek fabricates a variety of removable appliances, like those  pictured below.  We recommend you use our prescription sheets and diagrams to clearly describe and illustrate your individual requirements.  Please send us accurate working models and a wax bite when required.

The pictures are for illustration purposes only.  Actual design may vary.


Spring Complete-Upper

A spring retainer is primarily designed to align and maintain the position of upper or lower anterior teeth.  Placement of this active retainer applies force to correct rotations and move teeth into ideal alignment.                             

  Spring Complete-Lower

This offers greater flexibility for tooth rotations and movements, together with superior retention and durability. Also available with TMA active springs.

  Hawley Wrap Around Standard-Upper

The design is used for retention or correcting minor rotations of upper anterior teeth.  The teeth are set up in the corrected position on the model and the appliance is fabricated to the corrected specifications.
  Hawley Spring Retainer

This appliance provides superior anterior retention through the use of clear acrylic that tightly conforms to labial and interproximal surfaces of the incisors.
   Hawley Retainer-Lower

Retainer helping to keep the lower teeth straight and stable once braces have been removed. Prohibits movement, and rotation of teeth.  Can be designed with or without labial acrylic.

  Wrap Around-Lower

Designed for tight occlusion where crossing over the occlusion is undesirable, or when some settling of the occlusion is desired
  Spring Complete-Modfied Lower
Designed with a lingual flap to help with labial movement.
  Flipper with One Pontic
A flipper is an orthodontic retainer with acrylic teeth.  May have retention clasps if neccessary.


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