Sending Models

Sending Models                               

Whether you send models or impressions, please check them for distortions or missing structures.  If we feel a model or impression is distorted, we will contact you to discuss.

When it is necessary for brackets to be carved off the models before making the appliance, please remove the archwires before taking the impression.  This will assure more precise sizing.  When carving is necessary, we also prefer that you send plaster models rather than stone. 

If you send models to the lab, please disinfect the models first.

*Using a permanent marker, write the patient's name and the doctor's name on the bottom of each model.

*Wrap each model in bubble wrap to prevent any shipping damage. Place each model in the center of the bubble wrap. Secure bubble wrap around each model with a rubber band (Please do not wrap models together).

Bands should be disinfected and placed in a separate plastic bag that also includes the patient's name. Fold the Rx sheet and place in the shipping box.

Wax bites

*Please package wax bites carefully

Place models in the shipping boxes provided by Orthotek. If you send more than one case at a time to our lab, save on shipping charges by using larger boxes.

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