Study Models

We offer complete study model services with the following options: alginate impressions, working models, and rough trim or complete poured models with a base.  Our study model technicians produce professionally sculptured study models, polished to a high end gloss.  As treatment proceeds, these models will serve as a permanent record of each patient's progress.  We will trim each set to your specifications, sand or stone, soap, polish and inscribe the patient's particulars on the back of the models.


Your impressions and bases will be poured as one unit in a bubble free mix of our own Super White orthodontic plaster. This is a hard plaster that produces accurate and durable study models giving you a beuatifully hand crafted model.


The models will then be trimmed to exact bite relationships. All but the rough-cut models will then be hand sculpted, this sculpting will carefully blend the natomical tissue to the model's base and also remove any unwanted blemishes caused by voids or air pockets in the impression. Great care is taken not to damage any soft tissue detail.

Study Model Options:

Complete (Soap and Label): Impressions are poured with bases, trimmed and lightly sculpted, bases sanded smooth and polished. Labeled with patients name, age, and date.

Rough Trim: Impressions are poured with bases and trimmed only. Not sculpted. Not polished. Labeled with patients name, age, and date.

Other: Please contact us for specifications.

Click the 'What to Send Us ' tab for instructions when sending models to lab.
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